Official Team Guardian™ Fabricators of the innovative Guardian™ Warm Roof System

Guardian Home Extension, the home improvement solution with endless possibilities

Guaranteed consistency and performance

All elements of your Guardian Home Extension will be manufactured in a controlled factory environment, guaranteeing consistency, quality and precision for every part of your build.

Every Guardian home extension is bespoke, tailored to the shape you request, with the added creativity to choose your exterior finishings:

Get a finished home extension in half the time

The pre-fabrication process of the Guardian Home Extension also allows for faster installation compared to traditional builds, giving you more time to enjoy your new room as it blends seamlessly with your home. Your local installer will ensure the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Your new home extension will provide more floor space for your money

Not only will the TEK panel walls of your new extension have improved thermal efficiency, but their narrow profile means your room will have a larger usable floor space than a traditional brick and mortar build.

First price, right price

Save on energy costs

Benefitting from excellent energy savings, The Kingspan TEK insulation panels and innovative Guardian Warm Roof give unparalleled energy ratings with a thermal U-value of 0.1. This means you can be assured that even in fluctuating temperatures, your new room will be a dream to use all year round without the added price tag.